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About Us

    Hi! I’m Megan!  

    I am the owner/manager of Forepaws. Just to tell you a little about myself:

I have been in the animal industry for over 25 years! I have done pretty much anything and everything in it too. I have worked in kennels, rescues, personal pet training (3+ years), breeding, as a veterinary technician (over 10 years) and anything in between. I am a wealth of knowledge, advice and random tips for almost anything involving pets. I love all types of animals and have owned almost everything you can (and things you really shouldn’t) throughout the years. Currently, my husband, Jon, and I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 ferrets, 2 large birds, a (human) daughter, Elaina, and (human) son, Kallin. We have a car-theme in our home, so we have Maverick (17yr old Lab/Shep Mix - Nov. 2005 - Oct. 2022), Vetty (12yr old Small Munsterlander), Denali (shep/great pyr mix), Tundra (cat), Piston (cat), Tilly (cat), Rocky (ferret), Bullwinkle (ferret), Maggie (African Grey) and Mac (Military Macaw) (the last 4 live at the store). It’s a lot. I know! I would probably have more (but he started saying no). In addition to these pets, I have owned a green iguana, chickens, snakes, rabbits, mice, rats, monitors, chinchillas, sugar gliders, turtles and more that I am probably forgetting! 


     I grew up in eastern Iowa and went to college in Oklahoma (at OSU), where I received both a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business. This, in conjunction with professional and personal experiences, has given me far too much information on pets and animals of all shapes, sizes and species!


     Like I said, I am a wealth of knowledge and LOVE sharing my advice, tips and tricks with pet parents! Ask me anything – if you think it is a weird or unique issue – I promise I will have some experience or have known someone with the same (or similar) issue(s)! 


     My motto on pet ownership is non-judgemental: I think that if your pet does well and is healthy with what you are doing and will remain happy and healthy for years to come – GREAT! If there are issues or you want them to be just a little healthier – I can give you options to accomplish that! I know what it is like to be an owner on a budget and an owner sparing no expense! Both create long, lasting love and companionship with pets and, to me, both are equally happy lives for most pets. The essence of health is within nutrition, and I know a lot about the insides and outside of pet and animal nutrition and wellness in general. I understand the current (and past) trends in food and ownership and, again, I won’t judge you on your opinions or beliefs, but I will ensure your pet be healthy with any advice that I give. I am more than happy to talk to owners for hours if they want about their pets and experiences in life (I can and will get chatty!) so come on in and visit – I would love to meet you (and your pets)!!

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