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Check Out Our Adoptable Cat Room!

Helping Pets - One Cat at a Time

We work with local, Joliet Township Animal Control, to help find homes for adoptable cats! We act as a foster for the rescue: they fix, vaccinate and microchip the cats - we house the cats (cage-free), feed them, care for them and socialize them until they can find a new home! Forepaws has done over 500 adoptions over the past few years for cats of all ages (8 weeks-12 years old)! Our cat room is unique for a few reasons: it is FREE for anyone to come and visit any time the store is open (9am-7pm daily); the cats roam freely in the cat room; the room is set up like a living room to make the cats feel as comfortable as possible until they get adopted. 

cat room 1.jpg

Some Pics of the Previous Cats!

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