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What does Forepaws have to Offer?

Forepaws is NOT your average pet supply store!

  • We have TWO self-wash stations; one tub and one walk-in shower. The tub is an elevator-tub and raises to the perfect height to bathe your small to medium dogs OR for customers with back pain or strain. The walk-in shower is designed specifically for large or elderly dogs and is an easy step-in system that makes washing a breeze. We provide the shampoo, towels, brushes, blow dryer and clean-up & you do the washing!

  • ​We specialize in all-natural, American-made foods, but also feature treats, chews, toys, grooming supplies, supplements, and so much more! We are incredibly picky about the brands and products we feature and have strict policies against carrying anything with artificial colors, flavors and certain ingredients such as by-products and corn. We have products for Dogs, Cats, Pet Birds, Small/Caged Pets, Reptiles and more.

  • Adoptable Cat Room: We have dedicated a room within our storefront and partnered with a local pet rescue (Joliet Township Animal Control). We foster cats and kittens from JTAC in this free-roaming room. That means, we supply their food, litter and care, but they remain part of JTAC until they get adopted! We have the room set up as if it were a normal living room; complete with cat climbing trees, hide-outs, couches, chairs and toys galore. Anyone (over 16yrs without an adult) is allowed to come and socialize and hang out with these cats and, who knows, maybe find your next furry family member!

  • Other services: Megan offers nail trims for Cats, Small Animals (ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, etc.) and Reptiles (Bearded Dragons, Iguana, etc.). 

  • Petsitting: Forepaws will watch your caged pets for a small daily fee. Rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, tortoise, turtle, bearded dragon, leopard gecko, crested gecko, frog, snake, etc. You provide the cage/tank, fresh produce, food, substrate, essentials and we will give your pet the upmost care and love while  you are away on vacation. 

  • ​Local Love: Forepaws is a proud sponsor of the Minooka Boosters for MCHS's very own Indian football team. We also try our best to help our community any time we can - we have given numerous raffle baskets away to local charities, become a drop-off site for families in need after major tragedy, sponsor many other sports teams in the area, and Megan lives only 3 miles from the store - how much more local can you get?!


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